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The Bespoke Experience

Creating unique pieces of jewelry from precious stones for particular individuals is the ultimate definition of luxury and a craft which the House of Tabbah is internationally celebrated. Bespoke is the core of Tabbah’s ethos and commissions from clients are intrinsic in forming the House’s reputation as one of the world’s leading jewelers, crafting exquisite pieces that bring together generations of craftsmanship, tradition and refinement.

“Tabbah’s craftsmen elevate jewelry creation to an art form combining it with brilliant dexterity” Nagib Tabbah

The Bespoke Experience

The Tabbah Bespoke experience starts by opening the large welcoming doors of the Jewelry Salons on Allenby Street, always receptive for those who seek the exceptional.

The Salons combine the 1950’s vintage furniture with mediterranean hues and have a unique atmosphere auspicious to creating your own distinctive style while feeling as relaxed as if you were at home.

Next to the Salons are the jewelry Ateliers, where Nabil and Nagib design, control, improve and stand behind each of their creations. More than 150 years of know-how focused on getting the perfect fit.

Beyond are the different sections of the Ateliers, where no less than 120 experts and passionate workers create each day unique jewelry.

Photo: Nabil Tabbah

Respecting their unmistakable identity, Tabbah’s creativity is constantly changing… Nabil and Nagib respectively, 4th and 5th generation of the family, are inspired by the contemporary daily life to reinvent jewelry.

Photo: Nagib Tabbah

Bespoke - tabbah jewelry

Each creation is like a demonstration of an unlimited savoir-faire and a total focus on the individuality of each person, on understanding their desires, reading their body shape, creating the best style for each customer.

Bespoke - tabbah jewelry

At least three trials are needed to reach the perfect fit, and many more hours require to create a bespoke jewelry piece with all the details a demanding customer can expect.

The journey of creation starts with a dream and ends with a unique piece, which will forever tell the client’s story Nabil Tabbah

Your Personal Appointment with Nabil and Nagib

If the perfect fit of a bespoke Tabbah jewelry piece is the ultimate expression of their savoir-faire passed on for more than 150 years, it is mainly the relationship between the jeweler and his patron.

Bespoke - tabbah jewelry

The magic takes shape in the House’s sanctuary, in the heart of the atelier where 120 craftsmen are immortalizing the technical stages, always in the highest respect for the Tabbah handcrafting tradition.

Availability, listening and patience will allow Nabil and Nagib to perfectly manage each customer’s request, respecting the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

It is the client’s personality I am responding to when I look at the stone and design a piece of jewelry Nagib Tabbah

Nabil and Nagib travel around the world, by appointment, for their bespoke clients.
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