"Beret will truly live with the most beautiful Tabbah jewelry in history. It's all clean lines, very sculptural. When you see it you'll fall in love with it." Nagib Tabbah

Beret Icon

The original Beret. Reborn.

Beret Ultimate

Ultimately Chic

Beret Pearl

Lustre For Life

Beret Edition

Endless Fascination

Beret Star

Style. Stars. Diamonds.

Beret Icon Love

Ultimately Personal

Beret Enchainé

Irresistible Appeal

Beret Princess

It Must Be Love

Beret Glam

Time To Play

Beret Happiness

Pure Joy

Beret Bleu

The New Cool

Beret America

Meet A Rockin' Star

Beret Marin

All Aboard

Beret Sea

Forever Blue

Beret Black

Astonishing. Unbelievable. Unexpected